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Support To Entrepreneurs


LarchHill Capital provides strategic support to entrepreneurs. Business is continually changing and moving forward and LarchHill assists entrepreneurs and their team with planning for the business in areas of:

1. Business Strategy

2. Resource and people planning

3. Financing options

LarchHill charges on a project basis for its work, but does so based on the longer term opportunity for involvement with the entrepreneur and the business. While not a requirement, LarchHill would ideally seek mandates that have a reasonable opportunity for the investment of capital alongside the entrepreneur (or his/her successor) as the plan develops. LarchHill Capital has expertise in a wide array of business environments including: Finance, FinTech, Business Services, Education, EdTech, Human Resources, HRTech, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Succession Planning


Businesses often suffer from a lack of time and ability to plan for the transition of operation and ownership control. LarchHill has successfully assisted businesses in both harmonious and acrimonious succession planning and execution.

A successful business succession is dependent on many different factors. Understanding the various considerations in choosing a succession path take a methodical process of assessment and analysis. Our unique 10 step process is a comprehensive system that provides an in-depth view into your business and how that integrates with you and your family in an overall succession plan.

There are a lot of different paths to succession, and LarchHill has helped numerous clients find the path that is right for them. Whether it be a long term plan, or something that you want to initiate right away, LarchHill has the expertise and the advisory skills to provide a complete turnkey succession plan or provide assistance to the event for you and your company.

Capital Investment

 LarchHill is an active investor in private entities, with particular interest in investing in situations in which active engagement with entrepreneur and business has lead to more intimate knowledge of the operations, its challenges, and its opportunities. We have particular interest in situations which there is a business transformation including:

1. Application of technology to improve/expand an established enterprise.

2. Potential for enhanced business growth through a new approach/new markets.

3. Technologies which are disruptive to existing markets.

4. Clearance of internal obstacles within the business will yield new opportunities.

Some additional criteria: 

1. Companies between a breakeven performance and up to $2 million in EBITDA.

2. Established revenue base with clear path for growth.

3. Start-ups only on an exceptional basis.

4. Management teams that embrace input from LarchHill as an investor and advisor.

About Us

Graham McBride - President


LarchHill was founded by Graham McBride, a veteran of private business as an investor, operator, and advisor. After more than twenty years of institutional private equity fund management, LarchHill is an opportunity for Graham to apply those skills at a more personal and deeper level to businesses. Graham is an entrepreneur with Bay Street knowledge working with other entrepreneurs.

While the primary contact is Graham McBride, the LarchHill network allows for a wide array of professionals to join on a project by project basis, all of whom share a desire to invest alongside the entrepreneur with LarchHill.

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